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The First Class Cat Club is closed

The First Class Cat Club is the first of its kind complete online resource and community for cat owners who struggle with knowing how to make the right decisions for their cat. It helps with all those cat questions you just want a simple and reliable answer to.


Sign up to the wait-list and be the first to know when the Club reopens!

You will be the first to know when the Club reopens!

What members have to say about being part of the First Class Cat Club


"Our first call made the entire program price worth it... Joining the First Class Cat Club has been one of the best decisions I've made for my cats' health. From preventative care to behavior to that weird thing your cat's doing, Eleanor walks you through EVERYTHING you need to know to keep your little ones happy and healthy." - Amanda

"Joining this group has been a really great investment.  Having access to Eleanor's expertise is almost priceless and speaking to others about our cats has been a joy.  I've learnt so many useful things about cat care, vets, illnesses etc and being able to ask questions is invaluable.  I'm delighted to give my approval!" Claire


"Our monthly chats with Eleanor at the First Class Cat Club have been a real eyeopener! I’ve had cats all my life and I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know – but I was wrong. The advice, information and guidance I have been given has been invaluable. This isn’t just a place to talk about how lovely our cats are (although we do!) it’s a place where likeminded people, who want the best for their pets, can discuss important issues around cat ownership, share experiences and get to the bottom of important issues. The relationship with my cats has changed for the better and a trip to the vet is no longer a bewildering experience. I feel knowledgeable and empowered and I would not have had this without Eleanor’s help." - Elizabeth

"I’d followed All Cats on Facebook for a while so when I found out about the First Class Cat Club I decided to take a small leap of faith and sign up. The monthly group chats are a fantastic opportunity to get the benefit of Eleanor’s cat wisdom and to ask about anything cats! The FCCC resource page is shaping up great and being added to all the time and the videos and written material are incredibly informative and have saved me some vet visits already. I can wholeheartedly recommend FCCC." - Hilary

"The “cat chat” with the other members on the Zoom calls and the Facebook page is a great way to share experiences and get advice." - Janet

What you get as part of the Club

  • Gain LIFETIME ACCESS to dozens of exclusive videos taking you through the illnesses you need to know about your cat from kitten-hood to old age

  • The Club will include 6 x monthly hour long LIVE video calls to discuss all things cat, talk about anything you may be struggling with and give you my best cat advice live on video

  • Six hours of my time would cost over £900 if you were to pay to see me at the Oxford Cat Clinic

  • Get my insider guides on caring for your cat and for spotting illness early including my easy symptom checker, my guide on how to decode your cat's blood results and my guide to troubleshooting litter box troubles

  • Get practical step-by-step videos on how to pill your cat, how to clip nails, how to give fluid under the skin, and much more

  • Get access to an exclusive online community run by me to help support you with questions about diet, behavioural problems and all the day to day questions cat owners have about their cats

  • And SO MUCH MORE - you will have everything you need to be empowered to make sure your cat gets the best care - by you and your vet

How you benefit from being part of the Club

  • Become a first-rate cat owner with everything you need to get your cat the best care

  • Learn the early warning signs that your cat may be unwell

  • Decode your cat's behaviour and learn which of these signs mean your cat needs the vet

  • Learn when and what you can treat at home, and when it is time to go to the vet

  • You will never have to ask Google about your cat again

Sign up to the wait-list and be the first to know when the Club reopens!

Great job! You will be the first to know when the Club reopens!

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