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Paul and Marina with Grey Puss

"Joining the First Class Cat Club has been one of the best decisions I've made for my cats' health. From preventative care to behavior to that weird thing your cat's doing, Eleanor walks you through EVERYTHING you need to know to keep your little ones happy and healthy. Our first call made the entire program price worth it...

Amanda with Copernicus, Orion and Floki

"I am privileged to have Eleanor as my vet. Not only is she highly qualified in feline veterinary science but it is obvious that she totally adores cats and I love having a good cat chat with her. I trust her judgement implicitly: our beloved Thady's life was enhanced immeasurably thanks to her advice and treatment for his many ailments. We lost him recently at 17 but he really enjoyed life until a few days before the end.

It is always good to see Eleanor - she remembers each cat's character and quirks and is so loving to her furry clients, warmly greeting them and putting them at ease. Importantly, she is also great with humans and provides the best medicine for anxious cat parents with her friendly open manner and genuine loving concern for your cat family."

Sarah with Thady, Mani, Maisy and Theo

"Our monthly chats with Eleanor at the First Class Cat Club have been a real eyeopener! I’ve had cats all my life and I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know – but I was wrong. The advice, information and guidance I have been given has been invaluable. This isn’t just a place to talk about how lovely our cats are (although we do!) it’s a place where likeminded people, who want the best for their pets, can discuss important issues around cat ownership, share experiences and get to the bottom of important issues. The relationship with my cats has changed for the better and a trip to the vet is no longer a bewildering experience. I feel knowledgeable and empowered and I would not have had this without Eleanor’s help."

Elixabeth with her cat clowder

"Eleanor has looked after and cared for our two cats Bonnie and Bella for a number of years now. Bonnie developed some significant health problems when she was 9 years old that demanded a regular treatment regime and frequent check ups.  Eleanor always treats our baby cats with such gentleness and care, as though they are her own, it is always a pleasure to watch her work.  Alongside this, she listens to our concerns, and provides viable treatment and care that have always given us confidence in her knowledge and advice.

Most recently this was associated with treatment options using new medications that had come to market demonstrating her keen interest to keep up to date and share knowledge, providing unbiased advice.

Very sadly Bonnie died in October 2021, aged 13.  I was heartbroken, especially as her sister, Bella became withdrawn, started overgrooming, and looked for her sister everywhere.  Eleanor helped Bella back to physical health, but during that series of appointments was able to talk with me about my sadness surrounding Bonnie.  I was very grateful to Eleanor about her caring, sensitive and empathic qualities during this difficult time."

Cathy with Bonnie and Bella

"I am thrilled to write this testimonial about my experience. Since joining the club, I have gained a greater understanding of cats and their overall care, which took me by surprise as I have been a cat carer for over 20 years. The advice and tips provided have been invaluable in helping me take care of my four cats, Chanel 17, Casanova 7, Cassius 7, and Shadow 7.


Not only has this Cat club helped me save money on veterinary care, but it has also given me access to quality professional information that is available in various formats, Zoom calls, a private Facebook group, emails and the website with all videos, and documents in one place. The level of care and attention that Eleanor provides has been exceptional.


I highly recommend this club to any cat lover out there. It has been an absolute joy to be a part of such a supportive and informative community that all love cats as much as I do. Especially for those like me who don't have any friends or family who own cats.


Thank you, Eleanor, your love and passion for cats and cat owners to have informative and clear information is truly appreciated."

Keri with Chanel, Cassius, Casanova & Shadow

"My two cats have been lucky enough to have Eleanor as their vet for the past 4 years. Eleanor is the most devoted, caring, compassionate, professional and talented cat expert that I have ever met (I've had cats all my life and seen plenty of vets in that time!). She genuinely adores cats, has a vast knowledge of everything feline, and I would not trust anybody to treat my beloved cats more than her."

Lucy with Rocky and Sugar

"I’d followed All Cats on Facebook for a while so when I found out about the First Class Cat Club I decided to take a small leap of faith and sign up. The monthly group chats are a fantastic opportunity to get the benefit of Eleanor’s cat wisdom and to ask about anything cats! The FCCC resource page is shaping up great and being added to all the time and the videos and written material are incredibly informative and have saved me some vet visits already. I can wholeheartedly recommend FCCC."

Hilary with Jessie

"We’ve known Eleanor for over 8 years, as one of the vets who regularly sees our cats at The Oxford Cat Clinic. During this time she’s treated around 12 of our cats, some on a very regular basis. (We usually adopt older cats and can have up to 7 at any one time). Like other members of the OCC Team, Eleanor is one of the very best vets we’ve ever had take care of our cats, and we trust her completely. We particularly value that Eleanor is really easy to talk to, and we can have an open friendly chat about our cat issues, rather than just a simple consultation. She’s become our friend as well as our vet."

Iain & Sandra, with Blaise, Cleo, Millau, Raven, Tara, Titch & Zorro

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