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First Class Cat Club is coming soon

Cut through the conflicting advice on the Internet.
Discover the incredible difference a cat-only vet will make for you and your cat.

A cat-only vet is hands-down the best way to ensure your cat gets first-rate veterinary care so that you have peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to keep your cat safe and healthy.

Join the wait-list now!

First Class Cat Club allows your cat to benefit from a cat-only vet, whatever your location

  • Become a first-rate cat owner with everything you need to get your cat the best care

  • Learn the early warning signs that your cat may be unwell

  • Decode your cat's behaviour and learn which of these signs mean your cat needs the vet

  • Learn when and what you can treat at home, and when it is time to go to the vet

  • You will never have to ask Google about your cat again


What you get inside First Class Cat Club

  • Gain LIFETIME ACCESS to dozens of exclusive videos taking you through the illnesses you need to know about your cat from kitten-hood to old age

  • The Club will include 6 monthly hour long LIVE video calls to discuss all things cat, talk about anything you may be struggling with and give you my best cat advice live on video

  • Six hours of my time would cost over £900 if you were to pay to see me at the Oxford Cat Clinic

  • Get my insider guides on caring for your cat and for spotting illness early 

  • Get practical step-by-step videos on how to pill your cat, how to clip nails, how to give fluid under the skin, and much more

  • Get access to an exclusive online community run by me to help support you with questions about diet, behavioural problems and all the day to day questions cat owners have about their cats

  • And SO MUCH MORE - you will have everything you need to be empowered to make sure your cat gets the best care - by you and your vet

Sounds like the cat's meow! I want to join the wait-list now!

Why you need to stop assuming that your vet is doing the best for you and your cat

  • Time and time again I see cats who have had poor veterinary care because their owners do not know how to cut through the jargon, ask the right questions or recognise inadequate veterinary care

  • In the hands of non cat loving vets, cats can be misdiagnosed, diseases are not treated, unnecessary procedures are carried out, money is wasted and owners are not supported

  • This happens ALL THE TIME, you just may not know it

  • It is an industry secret that cats are treated as second class citizens at the vet

  • It is time for cat owners to take back control of their cat's care and demand more for their feline family members

Sleeping Cat

What my clients have to say about having a cat-only vet

"My two cats have been lucky enough to have Eleanor Flynn as their vet for the past 4 years. Eleanor is the most devoted, caring, compassionate, professional and talented cat expert that I have ever met (I've had cats all my life and seen plenty of vets in that time!). She genuinely adores cats, has a vast knowledge of everything feline, and I would not trust anybody to treat my beloved cats more than her." Lucy with Rocky and Sugar

"I am privileged to have Eleanor as my vet. Not only is she highly qualified in feline veterinary science but it is obvious that she totally adores cats and I love having a good cat chat with her. I trust her judgement implicitly: our beloved Thady's life was enhanced immeasurably thanks to her advice and treatment for his many ailments. We lost him recently at 17 but he really enjoyed life until a few days before the end." Sarah with Thady, Mani, Maisy and Theo

About me

I have dedicated an entire career to cats. I am an Advanced Practitioner in Feline Medicine and I have worked at the world class Oxford Cat Clinic for a decade. Unless you are a cat owner you cannot understand the unique challenges of loving a cat, worrying about a cat and trying to get it right. Having the support of a vet who has been through the cat owning struggles will make it infinitely easier. How do I know this? Because I have been that cat owner, supported by my cat loving colleagues. You can read more about me here.


I am in! Take me to the wait-list!

How much does it cost to be part of the Club?

You will help build the club by telling me EXACTLY what you need and want. As a founding member I will give you lifetime access to everything I EVER add, as well as a 50% discount off the one time cost of this amazing cat resource! That's just £197 for a lifetime of resources from one of the top cat experts in the UK, literally thousands of pounds' worth of value!

This will be a LIMITED TIME OFFER and it will be open to just 15 cat lovers. Make sure your cat gets the care they deserve and be the first to know when we are going live by leaving your email in the box below. I will send you an email with more details and a link with the opportunity to sign up and secure your spot days before offering it to anyone else.


I want to elevate veterinary care for all cats, it has been my focus for the past 10 years as a vet, it is why I started All Cats, and it continues to be my passion. I KNOW many cats are not getting the best vet care, even if their owners do not know it yet. I don't want to work with unhappy cat owners, or cat owners who decide they are not in need of this resource or community. If you decide that the Club is not for you, it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Sign up to the wait-list and be the first to know when the Club is open!

Great job! You will be the first to know when the Club is open!

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