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Vomiting after eating? Slow down mealtimes with a lick mat.

One common issue that many cat owners face is their cat eating their food too quickly and then vomiting it up. This is particularly a pro

I have a solution for you: a lick mat! Lick mats are designed to slow down a cat's eating pace by spreading their food over a larger surface area. This allows them to enjoy their meals at a more leisurely pace and savor each bite.

To use a lick mat, simply place a small amount of wet food on the mat and let your cat lick it up. You can also use it with dry food by moistening the food a bit before placing it on the mat.

Not only will this slow down mealtime, but it will also provide an enrichment activity for your cat, promoting natural feeding behaviors, and reducing boredom.

You can buy lick mats online or at your local pet shop and they are relatively inexpensive, and definitely less than the cost of replacing your carpet!

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